The CM-1 mounts was designed to make it easy to get nice smooth video from your car. No more hanging out of the windows or sitting in the trunk! The mount is held in place by four suction cups, each rated to hold 34kg. These are high quality units that incorporate a pump and an indicator showing the status of the suction cup. The mount it self is made from high grade aluminium that has been anodized black. Vibration dampening is achieved using six CWR dampeners. For light set-ups we are offering a "dead weight" that is attached to the bottom of the mounting plate (2kg). The mounting plate accepts our Ronin/Ronin-M quick release as well as the Freely toad-in-a-hole.


Diameter           560 mm

Height               160 mm

Weight               4 kg

Max Payload     10 kg

         €1495 excluding VAT