The Streamline Cable Cam was designed with no expenses spared. It was designed to handle heavy loads, to be rugged, and at the same time keeping  the weight of the unit as low as possible.

The components are made from high grade aluminum. All parts are precision fabricated using the latest technology. The components are then black anodized to get a nice resilliant finish.

Currently we offer an optional quick release adapter for the DJI Ronin gimbals. For those who use the FreeFly MōVI gimbals we have included holes in the bottom plate to accept the "Toad-in-a-Hole" adapter. Please contact us if you want help adapting your gimbal of choice to the Streamline.

The Streamline is driven by a powerful motor that provides great torque. The speed controller incorporates many built-in safety features that makes it just about impossible to damage it. The whole set-up is super quite and the only noise is that caused by the  wheels  moving down the line. The  speed controller  also  incorporates regenerative breaking.

We recommend the T10SG, a high quality Futaba transmitter,  for controlling the  Streamline. The controller has built in telemetry  that allow you to monitor battery voltage in real time. If the voltage dropps  below a preset value, the  transmitter will give the operator an audible warning. This way you can avoid  damaging the Lipo batteries.

The battery is mounted on a set of 15mm rods. These rods can easily be removed for transport by loosening two thumb screws. The battery position can be adjusted in order for the Stramline to properly balance on the cable and this also allows for different size batteries to be used. There are four 1/4 inch holes on the side of the frames for mounting additional equipment if so desired.

We recommend using 8mm no-stretch climbing rope. The Streamline can handle ropes/wires up to 10mm. Make sure that the fixtures used are sufficent to withstand the forces that will be applied.

When installing the Streamline on the cable, the base plate is removed and the unit is dropped down on top of the cable. The base plate is then reattached and secured using two bolts. If using the quick release mounting system, then all you need to do is snap the gimbal in place and tighten the thumb screw. This is a very quick and simple solution that can be done inunder two minutes.


      Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (L,W,H): 970x210x205mm

         Width 385mm with rods

  • Weight: 3,0kg without battery
  • Max Payload Tested: 15kg
  • Max speed (estimated): 50km/h

With recomended 4S battery

  • Voltage Range: 12-25V (3-6S LiPo)
  • Max distance: Depending on rigging fixtures
  • Max Inclination (@ max payload): 10%
  • Endurance (depending on payload etc):

approximately 60 minutes

  • Max cable diameter: 10mm

      €1995 excluding VAT