The Streamline 2  is an enhanced version of the basic Streamline with some very significante new features. Here are the most predominant:

  • End points that limit range of travel.
  • Automatic braking.
  • Spin protection that prevents the drive wheel from spinning on the rope.
  • Adjustable Max Speed / Ramp / Braking / Exponential.
  • Cruise Mode - Allowing the Streamline 2  to continuously move back and forth between the two end points at a requested speed.
  • Position Mode - Three programmable positions that can be changed by the push of a button. When activated, the Streamline 2 will travel to the desired position at the request speed.
  • Telemetri information displaying distance to the left and right end points / speed / amperage / voltage / signal quality.
  • Return to home incase of low voltage or loss of signal.
  • It includes a new controller  with a 7" touch display. The controller is housed in a rugged  Pelicase and  has a 1/4-20 thread  in the  bottom that allows it to be mounted on a tripod.
  • A smaller drive wheel to handle heavy payloads and for better slow speed control.



  • Streamline 2 cable cam.
  • Controller and charger.


€4995 excluding VAT

      Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (L,W,H): 970x210x205mm

             Width 385mm with rods

  • Weight: 3,3kg without battery
  • Max Payload Tested: 15kg
  • Speed Range: 0,5 - 50km/h
  • Voltage Range: 12-25V (3-6S LiPo)
  • Transmission Range: 500 meters
  • Max distance: Depending on rigging fixtures
  • Max Inclination (@ max payload): 10%
  • Endurance (depending on payload etc):

     Approximately 60 minutes

  • Max cable diameter: 10mm


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